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You Matter

"You Matter" is a series of classes that will show the true value of membership at Burning Bush International Ministries. The vision of Pastor Shelby will be imparted and provide an understanding of how and where the church started, the direction of the church, volunteer opportunities and getting the new member plugged into ministry. New converts will take on the mentality and attributes of an "in-house warrior" one who defends what they believe and actively engage/participate in the advancement of kingdom ministry.

Fresh Start Bible Institute

Fresh Start Bible institute is a series of classes that train, equip and empower new members with the principles for daily living and the ingredients for a strong spiritual walk and lifestyle. Fresh starts curriculum is to teach the true value of church membership and the development of true son (daughter-ship).

• History
• Salvation – What We Believe
• Administration: Rainey – Submit all baby dedication forms, event planning, passion and volunteer forms to

Volunteers/Casting Call Opportunities

If you're interested in volunteering at Burning Bush International Ministries  click here.

Ways you Can Volunteer/Serve
• Big Desk
• Greeters-
• Parking Lot Attendants
• Ushers
• Nurses
• Choir
• Family Life
• Building/ Maintenance
• Transportation

Flame Men's Ministry

Men's Ministry is a gathering of men that are dedicated to God and adamant in bringing about positive change to the church community and the world. Pastor Shelby has a heart/passion to build strong men to build strong ministry. Men's ministry is specifically designed to foster brotherhood and mentorship through the guidance of Pastor Don W. Shelby Jr. Spiritual, emotional and intellectual growth is inevitable as the Word of God is explored and activated in life changing forums.

Flare Ladies Ministry

Flare Ladies is a cutting edge 21st century outreach designed to encourage women to tap into the untapped treasure within. Flare is bridging the gap between women of all ages through heart-felt sisterhood, and a free flowing worship experience. Flare provides the tools necessary to address the needs of women on every level including, family, health, finance, marriage, self-confidence, fashion, cooking and teen peer pressure. Lady Shelby develops spiritual and natural resources needed to help Flare ladies become virtuous women, exquisite mothers, sisters, daughters and wives all while embracing biblical foundation.

Ignite Youth Ministry

Ignite youth ministry is comprised of youth ages 2 to 21. Ignite is an exciting youth ministry created to impact the youth of BBIM. Pastor Shelby has a heart for youth and in turn has developed several avenues for this generation to worship, develop, grow and thrive. BBIM has sponsored youth camps/retreats, talent contests, tutoring and mentoring programs as well as youth conferences. Pastor Shelby believes that we are not just ministering to the young people of today but through imparting into our youth we are building our future. He refers to ignite youth as our investment into generations to come with each generation superceding the next.


The nursery is open every Sunday to administer to the needs of babies ages 2 to 6. The children are given the opportunity to express themselves through the Word of God, creative learning and fellowship while giving the parent(s) the opportunity to participate and serve in ministry.

Teen Church

Teen church is an explosive Sunday worship service created to minister to youth ages 7 to 16. Youth are encouraged to express themselves through drama, rap, and singing all while receiving a relevant and dynamic word that is life altering.

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